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Hi friends! I'm Kait - also known as Kaitlyn or as my dad calls me, Chicklette. I'm your local lifestyle photographer.

I'm a summer loving, starbucks obsessed, neutral-wearer, clumsy gal. I'm happiest when at the ocean, watching the sunset, snuggled up with my favorite people & fur babies.

You can catch me at Winners with my bestfriend & niece, with an iced hazelnut latte (with cold foam!) in my hand. I spend my time at home re-watching HIMYM, Gossip Girl, New Girl & Brooklynn 99 with my fiance.


For me, photography is about getting to know the rays of sunshine in front of my lens & creating a fun, memorable and comfortable experience for my clients - whether that's bringing some liquid courage or having a mini dance party to shake the nerves away.

My goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space for you to be your truest self in front of my camera. 

I want to document the love, joy and raw moments in this crazy journey we call life.

Let's create timeless & warm photos to tell your story.

Kait Elizabeth Photography branding photos in Halifax Nova Scotia
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